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Assembly 09/09/21

Full Turnkey vs. Partial PCB Turnkey: What’s the Difference

Sometimes the most unbearable place to be is at a fork in the road. You have to choose between one path or another. Otherwise, you can’t go anywhere—and end up going absolutely nowhere. Whenever you come across a decision point along a journey, you know that your choice is of the essence. But how can any individual know what option will turn out the best?

When it comes to an upcoming PCB project, you will find yourself asking a similar question: what kind of service is the better solution for my needs? Full turnkey assembly services offer vital merits, but partial turnkey services have their own flexible advantages. Let’s closely examine our guide to full turnkey vs. partial PCB turnkey: what’s the difference. Here’s what you need to know.

Full Turnkey: Single-Source PCB Approach

If you desire to save hassles and headaches, you can’t go wrong with the benefits of full turnkey services—especially if you’re newer to the world of PCBs. You will have everything you require to take a successful PCB product to the competitive market.

Essentially, full turnkey services mean that the manufacturer handles every step of the process, including part acquisition, assembly, production, testing, and even final shipment. The smoothest perk of this opportunity lies in time and energy savings on your behalf. This approach minimizes risk and takes prime advantage of the latest tech without extensive capital expenditure or personal accountability.

Partial Turnkey: Consignment PCB Assembly

What’s the difference between full turnkey vs. partial PCB turnkey services? The distinction lies directly in the name. Manufacturers require a wide array of critical components to produce printed circuit boards. Partial turnkey PCB services offer only part of the project fabrication services—namely, skill and labor to assemble the product.

Partial turnkey services are also known as consignment PCB assembly. The developer is responsible for obtaining and packaging materials to send to the assembler to handle and complete manufacturing. With manufacturer expertise and the parts from the client’s in-house supply chain, a custom joint PCB assembly can meet exact specifications for a successful product.

Reliable PCB Assembly: Flexible Manufacturing

At Advanced Assembly, we’re happy to work alongside our clients during any part of the process. From step one or beyond, we’ll jump right in to help complete one’s vital PCB project. We offer timely printed circuit board turnkey services or consignment services to provide the best option for the needs of our clients. Get in touch with us to learn more or start a quote today.

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