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Focus on efficiency

Specialized testing

Summit is a leading supplier of PCBs to the semiconductor ATE market. These board provide customers with the ability to efficiently test portions of their design in less time with improved reliability.

At Summit, we have the extensive, first-hand experience required to manufacture these large, multi-layer, specialty boards.

Types of ATE boards

Semiconductor chips typically tested using ATE boards include microprocessors, memory, system-on-a-chip, field programmable gate arrays and more. Types of ATE boards used for testing these chips include:

Universal Probe cards

Device Interface Boards (DIB)

Handler Interface Boards (HIB)

Probe Interface Boards (PIB)

Load Boards

Burn in Boards

Characterization Boards

ATE advantages

Testing using ATE PCBs offer the following benefits:

Reduced Testing Time. By automating the testing process, cycle time is shortened, allowing products to get to market faster.

Fewer Errors. ATE boards eliminates manual testing processes thereby reducing the chance for input errors.

Improved Accuracy. When combined with testing software, ATE PCBs allows customers to improve overall product reliability.

More Efficient Resource Utilization. ATE PCBs allow highly skilled staff to focus on issue resolution or other aspects of the product design process instead of repetitive and tedious manual testing.

Semiconductor capabilities

We manufacture a broad range of PCB types and technologies for a one-stop solution

High-Density Rigid

Summit’s rigid capabilities include HDI high-layer count boards, staggered microvias, blind/buried vias, back drilling, multiple sequential lam, via fill, metal backed/metal core, and oversized panel options.

Rigid-Flex and Flex

As experts in rigid-flex and flex manufacturing, we handle rigid-flex, bookbinder, multilayer, adhesiveless & adhesive, stiffeners, laser ablation, thin flex laminates, assembly options and more.

RF / Microwave

Our RF expertise includes using a wide range of PTFE materials, mixed material stackups, plated cavities, edge plating, high-temp lamination, mode suppression/stitching, buried resistors, and edge launch features.

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