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Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Early engineering involvement and collaboration with manufacturing is key to creating a reliable and cost-effective design.

Full DFM support

If your mission is to create a robust, reliable and cost effective design, and get it right the first time – we have a staff of senior application engineers (FAEs) that will act as your manufacturing consultants. Our FAEs will provide a comprehensive review of your design including an analysis of the DRC results, review of the stackup and a discussion of material options. The final DFM report will summarize all of this and include recommendations for design improvements and a final assessment of yield.

Data review

Our DFM software automatically reviews all of the critical attributes in your design using best in class Design Rule Check (DRC) algorithms. It then analyzes your data and checks it against critical design and manufacturing attributes that correspond to IPC design rule guidelines.

Comprehensive report

Every designer receives a report of issues that could prevent a successful build. You can fix errors and resubmit the files to prevent costly reworks or delays. We provide feedback on design specifications such as:

Board Outline Clearance

Board Thickness

Drill Diameter (Pad Diameter)

Drill to Copper Clearance

Conductor Width

Minimum Conductor Width

Clearance to Traces

Clearance to Pads

Clearance to Copper FIll

Design for assembly

Over 90% of design projects unknowingly are submitted with errors that inhibit seamless, quick PCB assembly. Our design-for-assembly (DFA) software along with IPC trained engineers verify that your parts can be successfully mounted.

How it works

Design data is extracted from the Gerbers, XYRS and BOM files and used to create a PDF image or “virtual” image of your design. Next, our engineering team reviews the design to verify part fit and rotation. Almost all potential errors are caught and corrected prior to assembly. Customers are notified if errors are found and given the opportunity to confirm final design.

Common errors

The electronic assembly image submitted to customers based on actual data files helps catch and correct these errors prior to beginning the assembly process. Key factors the tool evaluates include:

BOM to XYRS/Pick n Place to Gerber comparison

100% part verification on ICs

Part and Paste Verification

Identify incorrect parts on footprints

Identify incorrect footprints for parts

Missing, unclear or incorrect polarity markers

Description verification

(BOM vs. Manufacture description)

Part spacing verification

In-person design review

Summit also offers a tabletop review of your design. We invite you to one of our advanced technology manufacturing locations to meet the experts and spend a day reviewing your PCB design. Your visit will include a factory “walk through” that will be tailored to the design you are creating. During the walk through, you will be able to meet the people on the manufacturing floor, ask questions and get into the process.