Printed Circuit Boards

Advanced Technology PCBs

to Meet Stringent Quality Standards
and Design Specifications

Summit’s highly advanced product line of PCBs are manufactured to offer optimum solutions for challenging conditions. Expertise in these technologies makes it possible for a secure connection of device components with the assurance of contact stability. Advantages of our manufacturing capabilities provide our PCBs with dynamic and mechanical stability, quick integration, precise and powerful performance and superior reliability which makes them ideal for complex requirements.

Our PCBs

High Density Rigid PCBs

  • Multiple material options & surface finishes
  • Blind, buried and micro via structures
  • Stacked / staggered microvias
  • Backdrilling
  • Multiple sequential lamination
  • Via fill (conductive & non-conductive)

Rigid-Flex PCBs

  • High layer count
  • Adhesive and adhesiveless
  • Book binder
  • Bikini cut
  • Stiffeners
  • Laser skiving
  • Laser drilled microvias
  • Epoxy fill
  • Heavy copper
  • Extra-long flex “cables”
  • Turn key assembly

RF/Microwave PCBs

  • Wide range of high speed / low loss materials
  • RF/Digital hybrid designs
  • Combination surface finishes
  • Hybrid material stackups
  • Tight tolerance stripline
  • HDI/PTH mode suppression
  • Ticer/Ohmega resistors & filters
  • Plated cavities and edges
  • Controlled depth milling
  • Bonded heat sinks


  • Reference design test boards
  • High aspect ratio ATE boards
  • Bondable gold finish
  • Tight tolerance drilling / routing
  • Quick turnaround services

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