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Speed, service, and quality

Full turnkey assembly

The turnkey PCB assembly process from Summit is a convenient, personal service experience you won’t find anywhere else.

When you place a full turnkey order, our teams order your PCBs from one of our fabrication shops, source and purchase your components, and then machine-assemble your build.

No need for multiple vendors, pieces or parts.
One purchase order and one price.
No calculating right number of parts.
Smoother, more efficient assembly.

We are accountable for the entire process!

Additional services

Some of our customers still prefer to order their parts. This is absolutely fine. We are built for flexibility. Consignment orders are defined as when a customer sends components in a single box or “kit.” Unfortunately, 1 out of every 2 consignment kits goes on hold. Tips to prevent delays:

Include Overages

Label Part Substitutions

Use Moisture-Sensitive Packaging

Use Provided Kit Labels

Do Not Split Kits

Be Responsive

Overcoming part shortages

Until supply and demand even out, engineers and buyers must find new ways to cope with the current component shortage. Below are five recommended strategies to help keep projects on time and budget despite the challenging conditions:

1. Maintain Relationships with Suppliers.

2. Hold Inventory.

3. Plan Ahead.

4. Network with Other Designers.

5. Be Open to Substitutions.

Assembly capabilities highlights

  • Low to mid-volume printed circuit board assembly
  • SMT and through-hole mounting
  • Parts in any format
  • ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100:D
  • Fine pitch to 0.4 mm and passives down to 01005
  • Ball grid array
  • View all capabilities

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