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Design complexity

Image of Scoring Machine for Microwave PCB

High-speed characteristics

RF/microwave signals are highly sensitive to the impact of noise, crosstalk, and power.

There are many considerations when integrating RF onto PCBs, including tight-component densities, multiple surface finish possibilities, board thickness considerations, wide ranges of reliability requirements, and even substrate-material choices. In addition, RF/microwave designs can require special manufacturing equipment. Fortunately, Summit has made significant investments in the equipment and field application engineering experience required for accurately manufacturing these PCBs.

Summit RF / microwave PCB capabilities

  • Wide range of high-speed, low-loss materials
  • Shielding
  • Combination surface finishes
  • Hybrid material stackups
  • Tight tolerance stripline
  • HDI/PTH mode suppression
  • Ticer/Ohmega resistors and filters
  • Plated cavities and edges
  • Controlled depth milling
  • Bonded heat sinks

We manufacture a broad range of PCB types and technologies for a one-stop solution

High-Density Rigid

Summit’s rigid capabilities include HDI high-layer count boards, staggered microvias, blind/buried vias, back drilling, multiple sequential lam, via fill, metal backed/metal core, and oversized panel options.

Rigid-Flex and Flex

As experts in rigid-flex and flex manufacturing, we handle rigid-flex, bookbinder, multilayer, adhesiveless u0026 adhesive, stiffeners, laser ablation, thin flex laminates, assembly options and more.


We specialize in semiconductor reference cards, probe cards, DUT, and burn-in-boards. Our RF capabilities include high aspect ratio, low-loss materials, bondable gold, tight tolerance drilling, and sintering.