Summit continually re-invests in state-of-the-art equipment and services to manufacture the highest quality PCBs. Our innovative, software-backed facilities feature advanced technologies and extensive capabilities designed to reliably fabricate even the most complex PCB designs.

Take a look at information below to see the standard, advanced and emerging capabilities of our combined facilities. This is for all fabrication services: rigid, flex, rigid-flex, RF/microwave, and thermal management.

Layer count2 - 3032 +>48
Minimum panel size12x18
Maximum panel size18" x 24"21" x 24"24" x 30"
HDI layers2-348+ as permitted by laminate type
Sequential laminations2-348+ as permitted by laminate type
Layer-to-layer registration+/-.002"
Minimum board thickness, single/double sided.005".002"
Maximum board thickness.250".300"
Minimum core thickness.001".0005"
Minimum core thickness (BC, Kapton).002".001".0005"
Minimum prepreg fill.003".002"<.002"
Minimum drill diameter, mechanical drill.006".005".004"
Mechanical drill aspect ratio, unfilled12:115:130:1
Mechanical drill aspect ratio, filled10:111:1> 11:1
Drill to metal (rigid).008".007".00525"
Drill to metal (flex).012".007".00525"
Drill Edge to Rigid Flex Transition.100".075"< .050"
Antipad diameter over drill size.020"+.016"< .016"
Minimum class 2 annular ring, mechanical drill.005".004"<.004"
Minimum class 3 annular ring, mechanical drill.007".006"<.006"
Minimum drill diameter, laser micro via.004".003"<.003"
Microvia aspect ratio0.6:10.7:1>0.7:1
Microvia capture pad / hole+.007"+.005"+.004"
Control depth drill toleranceKeep back .010" +/- .005"Keep back .005" +/- .002"Keep back .004 +/- .0015"
Back drill, diameter over primary drill.008".007"<.007"
Back drill anti-pad, diameter over primary drill.016".014"<.014"
Etch Features
Min copper foil - Internal1/2 oz1/4 oz1/4 oz
Max copper foil - Internal2 oz4 oz6 oz
Min copper foil - External3/8 oz1/4 oz1/4 oz
Max copper foil - External1 oz3 oz>3 oz
Inner Layer Print and Etch
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 1/4 ounce foil.002"<.002"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 3/8 ounce foil.003"/.003".0025"/.003"<.0025"/.002"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 1/2 ounce foil.004"/.004".003"/.003"<.003/.003"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 1 ounce foil.005"/.005".004"/.004".0035"/.004"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 2 ounce foil.008"/.008".006"/.008".006"/.006"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 3 ounce foil.010"/.010".008"/.010".008"/.008"
Plated External Layers
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 1/4 ounce foil.0025"/.0025".002"/.002"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 3/8 ounce foil.004"/.004".003"/.003".0025"/.003"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 1/2 ounce foil.005"/.005".004"/.004".003"/.004"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 1 ounce foil.006"/.006".005"/.005".004"/.005"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, 2 ounce foil.012"/.012".010"/.010".008"/.008"
Minimum designed line width/spacing, greater than 3 ounce foilRequires engineering review
Copper fill to round feature spacing (donuts).006".005".005"
Flex Button Plate
Flex PCB Button Plate: Pad + Drill, Button +DrillPad = DRL+ .016"/Button=DRL + .008"Pad = DRL+ .014"/Button=DRL + .006"Pad = DRL+ .012"/Button=DRL + .004"
LDI solder mask minimum web width, green color.004".003"less than .003"
LDI solder mask clearance+/-.002"+/-.0015"less than +/-.0015"
Inkjet legend printingWhiteWhiteWhite
Color optionsGreenRed, Blue, Black, WhiteRed, Blue, Black, White
Board profile dimensional tolerance+/-.005"+/-.002"<+/-.002"
Plated through hole diameter tolerance+/-.003"+/-.002"<+/-.002"
Non-plated through hole diameter tolerance+.002"/-.001"+/-.001"<+/-.001"
Board flatness, warp and twist Per IPC-TM-650 2.4.22<.75%<.5% Balanced ConstructionUnbalanced Constructions AABUS
Impedance Testing
Impedance controlled - single ended +/- %+/-10%+/-5%<+/- 5%
Impedance controlled - edge couped diff. +/- %+/-10%+/-8%<+/- 5%
Impedance controlled - broad side diff. +/- %+/-10%+/-8%<+/- 5%

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