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Manufacture 01/26/24

Laura Martin’s Interview with IConnect’s Andy Shaughnessy

In a recent interview at PCB Carolina, Andy Shaughnessy speaks with Laura Martin, former Director of Applications Engineering at Summit Interconnect. During the interview, Laura discusses the importance of early collaboration between designers and fabricators to avoid pitfalls in the manufacturing process.

Laura emphasizes the common issue of designers miscalculating via or plated through-hole pad sizes, often leading to fabrication delays. She highlights the complexity of determining correct pad sizes, considering variables such as final finish type, drill diameter, copper plating thickness, and board aspect ratio. Other topics covered includes:

  • Collaborating with fabricators from the beginning of the design process is crucial to prevent last-minute changes that can significantly impact the layout.
  • The need for designers to understand the intricacies of plating and fabrication processes, especially when dealing with multiple hole structures.
  • How lack of proper spacing can result in electrical shorts and low yield, underlining the importance of early communication with fabricators.

In response to these challenges, Summit Interconnect has introduced “preliminary DFM,” an innovative solution involving a semi-automated review of design requirements before reaching the CAM department. This approach allows proactive intervention to address potential issues, providing designers with valuable insights and preventing the common cycle of revisions and updates.

Laura reflects on her past year at Summit Interconnect, where she led the establishment of a department focused on recruiting and training field application engineers. She discusses the positive reception of the preliminary DFM approach, which fosters efficient, one-on-one interactions between designers and Summit’s team of experts.

This interview with Laura Martin provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of PCB design, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, early communication, and innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency and success of the design-to-manufacturing journey.

Read the full article here:

View the published pdf transcription here


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