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News 11/10/21

Herb Snogren to Lead Entry into Ultra-HDI Technology

Mr. Snogren Brings Over 40 Years of Experience and Industry Insights to the Company

Herb Snogren has joined the company as an industry consultant. Snogren will be leading the latest initiative to add ultra-HDI technology to its existing PCB manufacturing services. He brings extensive industry experience and a strong focus on bringing technological advancements to the US printed circuit board (PCB) market.

Snogren will be responsible for creating new processes and overseeing equipment installations for providing ultra-HDI capabilities. Under his direction, Snogren predicts we will be able to manufacture circuit boards with lines and spaces of 20 to 50 microns in the next 12 months.

“Summit Interconnect has always believed in staying ahead of the curve and offering customers the most cutting-edge manufacturing technologies,” said Milan Shah, president, and co-founder of Royal Circuit Solutions. “Under Herb’s and his brother Matt’s guidance, we will be taking our facility to a whole new level and providing the technology our customers need to create the next generation of innovative, electronic products. I could not be more excited or prouder of this company.”

Snogren began his career in high school where he worked at Reliable Circuit Systems, a printed circuit board factory owned by his father.  Together they started SAS Circuits in Colorado.

“Domestically, there are very few PCB fabrication facilities that offer ultra-HDI capabilities and those that do have limited capacity,” said Herb Snogren. “I believe once PCB designers learnSummit interconnect offers ultra-HDI PCBs, they will start designing circuit boards around this capability.  Ultra HDI feature sizes allow designers to reduce layer counts, utilize finer pitch components and miniaturize end products.”

Snogren co-chairs the IPC D33AP committee, which is working to develop a global standard for ultra-HDI technology. He is also on the IPC 1791 committee and works with the Department of Defense to ensure it has a robust PCB supply chain.


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