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News 04/22/21

Environmental Actions that Make a Difference

Summit Hollister, formerly Royal Circuit Solutions, launched a unique program to support the PCB manufacturing needs of environmental non-profits — all for free.

It’s also why we are committed to reducing our company’s environmental footprint. Here are few ways we are leading the industry in environmental responsibility:

  • We’ve reduced paper waste by placing recycling bins in every department.
  • We reduce energy consumption with energy-efficient air compressors and nearly 100% LED lighting.
  • Our water recycling systems recycle 30,000 gallons of production water per day.
  • All unused printed circuit boards are recycled by outside companies that reclaim precious metals and carefully dispose of potentially harmful lead.
  • The drilling dust is captured with industrial vacuums and stored in drums for recycling.
  • Solder Dross is captured and recycled by a licensed recycling firm.
  • Instead of discarding drill bits once they become dull from so many hits, we send them out to be re-sharpened and re-used.
  • Polypropylene drums and pails are saved, cleaned, and used to store recycled chemicals.
  • Coupons from the lab are used to check the quality, then they are recycled once they are no longer needed.
  • Aluminum entries are recycled.

And, we reuse as many shipping materials as possible including bubble wrap and boxes. If it can’t be reused, nearly everything is recycled.

We are not completely green yet, but we know that the actions we take today will make a difference in the future.

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