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Manufacture 01/26/24

Sean Patterson’s Interview with I-Connect’s Barry Matties

In a recent interview at PCB Carolina, Barry Matties speaks with Sean Patterson, Chief Operational Officer at Summit Interconnect. During the interview, Sean discusses the importance of methods to maintain operational efficiencies and quality while managing factors such as work culture and production automation.

Sean emphasizes the importance of the role of an engineer in regards to mitigating technological gaps, design conception, and learning how to code as a result of the automation movement. Other topics covered includes:

  • A day in the life as the Chief Operating Officer of Summit Interconnect
  • How to focus on managing operational effectiveness across multiple facilities.
  • How design conception is impacted by automation and skilled talent.

This interview with Sean Patterson provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of PCB fabrication, emphasizing the importance of engineering facilities, work culture, and innovative automation solutions to enhance the efficiency and success of the design-to-manufacturing journey.

Read the full article here:

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